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Semantic SEO

Structured data is the future of the semantic web Posted by on Thursday, September 29 2011

Data is the foundation of all text found on the web. Words, numbers, and copy are spawned from data. All data has meaning and relational signifiers and semantic SEO utilizes those values and sends meaning to search engines. In many cases, the atomic components of data are not fully recognized because methods of web document production often come from blocks of data, thought and copy-writing where they are commingled into webpage format during the production of the website, limited by the vocabulary of the writer.

The WebOfficer B2C Machine - Superior eCommerce Methodologies

Posted by on Tuesday, August 2 2011

The rapid eCommerce deployment program A.K.A. "The WebOfficer B2C Machine" is designed for companies who understand the challenge of converting their wholesale or current online business expertise into a thriving eCommerce landscape.  

Many business owners, who own an online store, exist today from humbling beginnings and have taken it step by step. Over that period of building the business, often times many years, data, websites, and other online business methodologies have piled into their eCommerce business of today. Programmers have come and gone and potentially different search engine marketing specialists. The business is now at a turning point where it cannot grow and is not keeping pace with the competition and having a tough time staying current with fast paced every evolving Internet technologies.

Designed for rapid start up or to expedite a refocus of an existing eCommerce business, WebOfficer arms companies rapidly with expertise in the areas that matter in successful online stores.

Quick Consulting tips for an eCommerce Start Up

Posted by on Tuesday, July 12 2011

Choosing your eCommerce platform is fundamental to all other areas of your online business. Inventory, accounting, warehouse, SEO, cusotmer serivice and other factors center on the features your shopping cart has. Concerning product database control, websites that have a smaller amount of products becomes less of an issue because each page can be highly customized and the time. The product databse is essentially within the editor pages and it becomes the best way to mange the store. Online businesses that manage commodity driven products such as hardware, consumer electronics, beauty products or clothing, power features concerning product data must be a concern.

  • Choose a platform that does not add a lot more work to your business.
  • Keep away from cumbersome platforms that take large snippets of time to do simple tasks.
  • Look for platforms that group products and categories well together and allow for custom grouping as well. This is ideal for price control, image and asset management, support, accounting and other various functions.

Demo your CMS or Shopping Cart with an SEO

Posted by on Monday, July 4 2011

As I continue to branch out from working within organizations as an SEO, in creating my company's consulting, services and product identity, I am becoming aware of more things concerning SEO, marketing, software, CMS systems. Bandwangoning, copycats, bad advise, marketing facades and a bunch of people chasing trends and buying into poor guidance. For this post, I will speak to the marketing or overpromising that the shopping cart software industry displays. Take a look at any feature set and try to determine if each of the features is really that much of a benefit. Demo the software, find out if the marketing claims are true, while asking if they are simple to utilize and powerful.

Poor evidence is out there about what really matters concerning content management systems and shopping cart software SEO. The bandwagon effect is alive and well, seen in the form of super hyped bullet points and long lists of SEO features. Search engine optimization is about commuication in the way of words, data and the mechanics inwhich those elements are managed to comminicate with search engines. If a CMS does allow for total control of data feilds where data and content are placed, then the CMS is of little value to the website and business.

Keyword Optimization for eCommerce

Posted by on Thursday, June 9 2011

Fundamental to any eCommerce endeavor is keyword optimization and development. Keywords are the seeds in which a website will do the following:

  • Articulate content
  • Build on-site reputation
  • Create on-site themes
  • Capture traffic
  • Compel users
  • Generate leads
  • Create revenue


Of course, many other factors are in play, but the foundation of all success hinders on keywords. Big volume, phrases and long tails are mixtures of target keywords and associated non-product or category driven words. How does a Webmaster or eCommerce developer begin to construct a healthy keyword database? Before we go into the development of a solid keyword inventory, examine some areas in which keywords are seen a typical eCommerce website.

  • Page Title
  • Navigation
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Faceted Navigation
  • Header Meta
  • Description
  • Image Title


These information architecture fields represent areas where keyword values can be mapped. Body content is not mentioned intentionally, to diffuse the notion that keywords are just in the article based regions of a website. Those fields are the areas in which a website can transport its message effectively from the home page to the lowest level product pages. Choosing the right values or "keywords" is crucial.